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Media Ethics (Week 5 Blog Post)

Media ethics is very important to me. The desire to provide accurate information while staying true to the code of ethics is one of the primary reasons that I chose to become a journalist. I feel that we, journalists, have a duty to provide the public with a trustworthy medium from which news is distributed. For example, no one can be at the scene of every crime or front row at every game , so it’s up to us to accurately portray the happenings of such events to keep the public informed. However, conducting ethical journalism is more than simply relaying accurate information. The way we go about obtaining the information is just as important. If I was to write a story about a football game while watching from my couch at home, it would be unethical to write the story as if I were actually in attendance of the game. Many journalists have been cited for this form, or similar forms of unethical journalism.¬†

On April 15, The Boston Globe announced that it will no longer use freelance writer Barbara Stewart who fabricated a story on a Canadian seal hunt. The hunt was delayed a day due to poor weather, yet Stewart reported that it had already happened. Stewart was not even at the site where the hunt was to take place but wrote the story as if she were.

Source: American Journalism Review