Interesting new gadget: Google Glass (Week 8 Blog Post)


Google Glass

These high-tech specs take “seeing the world through a technological lens” to a whole new level. Although the product is currently limited to the developer crowd, Google’s computing eyewear has already created a significant buzz in the tech community. The Android-based eyewear known as Google Glass allows users to perform various tasks such as answering emails, taking pictures, and translating text hands-free. All of these actions are viewable on a micro-display in the corner of the interface. The product is currently listed at a steep price of $1,500. Despite the big price tag, interest remains high for Google Glass. 

I had been hearing rumors over the past few years about the possibility of eyewear with such technological capabilities, but I did not think a real product would surface this soon. If I had the necessary money, I would certainly purchase this product when it finally releases to the public. However, I do not have the capital flexibility to be spending $1,500 on a pair of high-tech glasses, and I assume that a majority of the American public can relate. Unless the product gets released at a more affordable price, Google Glass will probably be limited to the upper class and extreme tech enthusiasts.

Even though many of us will not be able to purchase the product, it’s very cool to look at. Check out this video that shows Google Glass in action. 

Link: What It Does (scroll to bottom of page for video)


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