An Unfair Game: English Football’s Rising Ticket Prices – Op-Docs (Week 9 Blog Post)

This short film was directed, illustrated, and co-written by The New York Times’ Kris Hofmann (published on October 16, 2013). Hofmann depicts a prominent issue in English Football, where ticket prices have become so high that many of the fans can no longer attend the games. The film’s narrator, Liam Williams, indicates that the rise of TV coverage and the greediness the players’ agents are key to the unnecessary rise of ticket prices.

Hofmann’s video utilizes simple yet engaging visual aspects and quality narration to convey its message that the fans of English Football deserve lower ticket prices. The actor, Henri White, manipulates decks of cards that feature a variety of people related to English Football, such as players, fans and businessmen. As the narrator (Williams) makes his points and refers to certain subjects, White displays the corresponding card(s). This theme continues throughout the entire video.

I really enjoyed watching this video and gained a great deal of knowledge as well. As a visual learner, I believe the actor’s display of the cards being in sync with the narrator was very helpful in conveying the main points of the story. Each card served a unique purpose throughout the video and seemed to “come to life” when displayed by the actor because of the lighting and simple background. The editing and camera work was also very well done. Overall, this is a high-quality production.


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