Audio Story (Week 4 Blog Post)

What Does A Song That Costs $5 Sound Like? (link to audio story)

Story Description: NPR’s Laura Seidel profiles the work of Cookie Marenco, an energetic woman attempting to improve the quality of recorded music. Marenco once helped popularize the mp3, but now offers a much higher quality recording for a slightly higher price. She uses a format called DSD, which stands for Direct Stream Digital. Marenco uses this high quality recording format when she records musicians in her home studio in Belmont, California, just south of San Francisco. Her DSD music files became available for download about three years ago. Despite a steep price (5$ per song, 50$ per album), customers did not shy away. Marenco says, “we were shocked. Thousands of people came to download. What was interesting to me as a business owner is they never asked me to lower the price. They asked for more content.”

Story Analysis: I liked the how the reporter was the main voice of the story, yet Cookie Marenco still contributed a great deal to the story with her own voice. It was a nice blend of summary and analysis between the two voices. I also liked how they used the nat sound of live music being played in the background when the reporter began speaking about Marenco recording music with various artists in her studio. Overall, I thought the story flowed very nicely and was engaging throughout.


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